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Cecilia Wallin

Founding Partner, Onemi-Global Solutions.

Retired: Criminal Intelligence Officer, Swedish National Police, INTERPOL Crimes Against Children Unit

With 18 years of extensive law enforcement experience dedicated to investigating child sexual exploitation, Cecilia Wallin now utilizes her expertise to provide invaluable consultation and advisory services to governments, organizations, industry partners, and law enforcement agencies. Graduating with a Master of Laws degree from Uppsala University, she joined the Swedish Police Authority in 2005 as a determined investigator, focusing on combating crimes related to child sexual exploitation material within her jurisdiction. Her unwavering dedication led to the identification of hundreds of exploited children across Sweden.


Between 2012 and 2015, Cecilia served at the Cyber Crime Unit within Sweden's National Operations Department, contributing to international investigations and intelligence sharing regarding child sexual exploitation. As an integral part of the international network of experts, she created courses, coordinated efforts, and trained Swedish Police personnel in the meticulous investigation, image analysis, and victim identification associated with child sexual exploitation cases.


Cecilia's contributions extended to her involvement in the Joint Investigations Team, Operation Atelier, where she analysed and connected images, financial transactions, and communications to expose offenders and identify hundreds of victims throughout Europe.


From 2015 to 2019, as a Criminal Intelligence Officer at INTERPOL's Crimes against Children unit, Cecilia demonstrated unwavering dedication to combating child sexual exploitation. Operating across multiple locations, she strengthened global collaboration, enhanced capacity-building efforts, and played a crucial role in the training and administration of the International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) database. Notably, she initiated and coordinated Operation Blackwrist, a two-year collaboration involving multiple agencies that resulted in the identification of hundreds of victims worldwide. Cecilia's contribution has earned her recognition, including the prestigious Australian Federal Police 'Commissioner's Group Citation for Conspicuous Conduct.


Her unwavering belief in the principle of 'Sharing is Caring' underscores her commitment to combatting crimes against the most vulnerable individuals in society. Understanding the significance of international collaboration, she remains an ardent supporter, continually striving to create a safer world through collective efforts.


Through her vast experience, solid dedication, and steadfast belief in collaboration, Cecilia Wallin serves as an inspiration and a driving force in the global fight against child sexual exploitation.


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